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Technology &

Assistive Devices


Devices that are designed, made, or adapted

to assist a person to perform tasks.


Google Home

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AmazonBasics Microwave


Motion Sensor Light

AMAZON echo show

Clear Clock

Neo 120 Luxe Bidet

Non-Electronic Bidet

  • More hygienic than cleaning with toilet paper.

  • Does not require the use of hands.

  • Reduces the potential for contact with disease-causing germs.

  •  May help prevent hemorrhoids and constipation.

  •  May cut down on urinary tract infections in women.

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Sink Faucet Extender

  • Designed to fit on most conventional bathroom faucets.

  • Eliminate reaching for the faucet.



  • For those with hand tremors.

  • Helps you eat easily.

  • Automatically stabilizes, so the attached utensil shakes 70% less than your hand.

  • Designed to counteract tremors and shaky hands that may be related to conditions like Parkinson's disease or essential tremors.


Toilet Night Light

  • Automatically turns itself on each and every time you visit your bathroom in the dark.

  • Switches off automatically saving bulb life and energy.

Provale Cup

Control Swallowing

  • For people with dysphagia or disorders associated with difficulty swallowing.

  • Delivers a set amount of fluid each time the cup is tipped.

  • Measures 5cc and 10cc (depending on style). 

  • Helps to prevent choking.


Mini Smart Socket

  • Voice activated.

  • Turn lights and appliances on/off.

  • Works when home and away from home.

  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa.

  • Connect to Wi-Fi to control your device from your phone or tablet via the free APP.

My Sole Mate

Shower Foot Scrubber

  • No need to bend down or try and balance.

  •  Simply place foot on top of brush. Then  move back and forth.

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Hands-Free Shoe Remover

  • For people with arthritic hands.

  • No need to bend and take off your shoes.

  • No longer struggle with taking your shoes off.

Design Shop


 Custom Build Furniture

Modular plastic blocks for endless designs:

  • Build tables at individualized 


  • Build walls to make multi-space rooms

  • Create a low bed to prevent falls

  • Easy to reach shelving

Forest Floor

Foam Mats

 Protective Flooring:

  • Durable, flexible, and shock absorbing

  • Interlocking foam tiles protect floors while providing support and cushion

  • Place near beds for fall protection

  • Cover slippery floors



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