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Creative Arts Therapy

Creative Arts Therapy

Art Supply

Creative Arts Therapy is an integrative mental health and human service profession that enriches the lives of...

  • individuals,

  • families, 

  • and communities


  • active art making,

  • creative processes,

  • sound healing,

  • movement,

  • applied psychological theory, and

  • human experiences.

Crafts Activity

Through building a psycho-therapeutic relationship, our Creative Arts Therapists can assist and guide you through... 

  • aging concerns,

  • emotions,

  • changes,

  • trauma, 

  • bereavement,

  • and more. 


Virtual and In-Person 

Visitations and Sessions may include the following:

  • Setting up materials

  • Shopping for materials

  • Assistance with creations

  • Learning techniques

  • Art appreciation/observation

  • Reminiscence 

  • Rehabilitation art

  • Integration: Fungi & Plant Based Experiences

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