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Art Shop

Items in this shop are recommended through

our artists and Creative Arts Therapists. 

Colored Pencils

  • Ultra smooth

  • Richly saturated pigments

  • Perfect for adult coloring books

MozArt Watercolors

  • Colors are vibrant, strongly pigmented, rich, clear, and crisp 

  • Easy to blend to create an endless range of colors

Coloring Book

  • Mandala means circle in Sanskrit (the language of India)

  • Coloring in a circular form creates a meditation effect, resulting in stress relief

Coloring Book

  • Beginner-friendly

  • Does not require special skills or art experience

  • A guide to basic art techniques  

  • Blending, shading, color theory 

  • Extra thick paper  

  • Won't bleed through

  • Stands up to markers, gel pens, and watercolors

Coloring Book

  • Take a coloring trip to Italy, and color in the scenes 

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