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Pet Safe

Easy Walk Harness

  • Discourages dogs from pulling on the leash

  • Makes walking enjoyable

  • Stress-free for you and your dog

  • Learn more about why some dogs pull more than others from "Your Dog Advisor" website here

Fresh Patch

Disposable Dog Potty

  • A great option for rainy or any bad weather, especially for apartment and condo living


Treat-Tossing Camera

  • Interacts with your animal while away from home

  • Allows you to see your animals any time via the Furbo App

Peaceful Dog Training

Michael Smith - Owner and Founder of

Peaceful Dog Training.

Michael has been a certified personal dog trainer since 2008 and has extensive experience working with dogs and their owners of all ages. His training style is filled with compassion, patience, and kindness.  

A A Petaholics

AA Petaholics - a pet sitting company & more in Broward County!

With a deep love and understanding for animals, friends Anna Marie and Aneysi decided to start their own pet service company. With more than 10 years' experience in the industry they are are loved because of their open communication and attention to detail.

They are bonded and insured. Their meets and greets are complimentary!

Contact them:


Phone: 954-361-0954

Instagram: @aa_petaholics

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"Having a bunch of cats around is good.

If you're feeling bad,

you just look at the cats,

you'll feel better because they know

that everything is just as it is."

- Charles Bukowski

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Every once in

a while a dog enters your life and changes everything.

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