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Alissa Zemering, MA, ATR, LCAT

My name is Alissa Zemering, owner and founder of Mastering the Art of Aging. In addition, I am a creative arts therapist with over 14 years’

experience in healthcare and various settings. 


​My experiences in memory care, skilled nursing care, physical medicine and rehabilitation, chemical dependence rehabilitation, and detox facilities coupled with the countless, unanswered questions many people encounter daily regarding the aging process have inspired me to create this website to assist in making the process the best possible.


My specialty is helping people with compromised health and mental conditions by incorporating a variety of modalities - art, music, animals, technology, and the local community to enhance the quality of life.

Mastering the Art of Aging has a compilation of various professionals and businesses that will provide tips and information for your mind, body, and soul. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to begin mastering the art of aging by creating goals and plans for your life. 


Utilize all the different areas throughout this website to help you prepare for the future, live your best life, and feel your greatest. I hope it will be an educational and motivational experience each time you visit!

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We may receive a small commission from any shopping you do throughout the website.

All the proceeds earned will be used to support our services.

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